30 Wall Street
8th Floor, Suite 820 New York, NY 10005
30 Wall Street
8th Floor, Suite 820 New York, NY 10005

Branding Using Digital & Static Carts

Street Level Advertising
in New York City, USA
A Better Advertisement Solution
Ads Using Digital Carts

Take advantage of our new digital cart for everything from branding, grand openings, concerts, any other special event, and more...

Be one of the first to put our brand new, one of a kind, digital food cart to use to bring your campaign and company's message right to the streets of New York! Equipped with two high-quality screens for images and videos on both sides of the cart, this new way of advertising is the next big thing in street level advertising. 360 degree backlit toppers and high-quality sticker wrap on the back and front of the cart provide maximum exposure right to the center of city life, bringing your message to the countless number of New Yorkers going about their busy everyday lives. It's sure to catch anyone's eye, making for a campaign that stands out from the rest and is much more effective in spreading you and your company's message. Options also include coffee and pastry distribution to local commuters along the optional coffee cup and sleeve distribution as well in your targeted area with campaigns running for a completely customizable amount of time. This is just another way that SkytouchNYC thinks outside the box and works with our clients to bring you the most effective and attention-grabbing advertising campaign we can. With these new carts, you'll be able to catch almost anyone's eye as your message could be one of the first to be displayed and presented in a way no one has ever seen before!

Ads Using Static Carts

New York is a city booming with food lovers and food trucks have provided a culture for them to thrive by recognizing the potential this high demand commands. This has led to the city having a vast number of food carts. So much so that they have come to the point where they have become a staple in the life of locals and tourists alike. These high numbers have created an advertising paradise for businesses looking to get their message to the very heart of their customers; the food trucks they stop at so frequently. We recognized this opportunity and leveraged with this vast opportunity to create a unique branding experience with the help of various food vendors in the city. We start with a full wrap of the cart with creative 360-degree advertising campaign to create an experiential impact with your potential customers. By giving our clients the control of a food cart for a day or longer, we then shut down food cart operations and provide free coffee along with breakfast pastries to local commuters. This generates huge traffic and positive notoriety because everyone loves free breakfast in the morning. With the hustle and bustle of the average new yorker, an event like this will be sure to get anyone to take a second out of their busy morning commute to actually take in your business’ message along with their provided breakfast. This, as always, comes at an affordable price per day that is, again, guaranteed to be very popular. To add even more to this offer, is the fact that we can also provide paper coffee cups and custom coffee sleeves to go along with every free coffee handed out that day. The potential customer will be able to take your business’s name and message with them wherever they go! These custom branded cups with your company’s logo attached to it will travel with them as they go down the street, to the office, or even across town. Food Cart rental branding is one of our most ambitious forms of advertising and exclusive to SkytouchNYC. Utilize the knowledge of our food vendor business as we share an electric relationship with the owners and dominate your brand on the streets of New York.

  • Full 360 high-quality sticker wraps on the food cart
  • Free coffee and breakfast pastry distribution for the entire day
  • Hundreds of locations throughout the city to choose from
  • Options to add custom coffee cups and sleeves

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