30 Wall Street
8th Floor, Suite 820 New York, NY 10005
30 Wall Street
8th Floor, Suite 820 New York, NY 10005

Ads on Coffee Cups

Street Level Advertising
in New York City, USA
A Better Advertisement Solution
Custom Coffee Cups NYC

Branded coffee cups are a unique way to advertise in New York City- one of the quintessential objects in the everyday life of a New Yorker. We produce disposable coffee cups branded with your logo and message, and we distribute those cups to the food cart vendor locations of your choice. Businesses can choose two locations, miles apart, for the distribution of the branded coffee cups. Distribution of paper coffee cups is an a la carte service provided by Skytouch NYC, so customers may choose any cart or carts from which the cups will be dispersed.

Custom coffee cup advertising is very effective, especially in the city of New York as It allows businesses small and large to establish an advertising presence throughout the city. Branded paper coffee cups offer a smart and cost-effective supplement to any current advertising campaign that your company might be engaged in. If you already have a logo and message, you are ready to have your branded cups distributed into the hands of New Yorkers, reaching an entirely new spectrum of the target audience and broadening your campaign’s reach.

Our minimum coffee cup order is 30000.

Starting at $7500 which includes distribution to food vendors and stores of your choice 

Please give 4-5 weeks for printing and processing after proofs are approved.