Ads On Food Cart Topper

Visibility in the bustling city is often a main concern. With our topper ads, installed on the tops of food vending cart, visibility is not a problem in the bustling city streets. As one of our most affordable forms of advertising, your subject of advertisement will be seen by the countless New Yorkers that walk past our numerous participating food vending carts every single day. We install and wrap special toppers with high quality, weather resistant stickers to ensure that they last through even the harshest conditions. This 360 degree dynamic view of these toppers has proven to be a power-house in connecting with the city crowds at large. The effective, location-based visual display extends the level of exposure, as well as the measure of our pricing factor to make these banners one of the most beneficial ways to advertise your brand in New York City.

Only $650.00 per month + $200.00 Production and installation (only the first month)