Why Hire Us

Why Advertise with Skytouch NYC?

At Skytouch NYC, we pride ourselves on providing city-wide ad campaigns to corporate clients, while empowering small businesses in their targeted marketing efforts. We believe that all businesses, large or small, should be able to create and execute effective advertising campaigns in New York City.

With truly affordable pricing, many advertising options and a helpful sales team, Skytouch NYC makes it possible for any company to squeeze as much marketing power as possible out of each dollar spent. Numerous, varied and unique advertising solutions and campaign packages allow our clients to construct the custom campaigns best suited to their needs, and within their budgets.

Custom branded coffee cups, sticker ads, billboards, wrapped coffee carts and many more outdoor advertising solutions are available through Skytouch NYC. We even offer graphic design services and website and app development at truly affordable rates.

We are constantly looking into new advertising solutions to offer to our clients. We want to have as many options as possible so that our clients can stay on the cutting edge of the advertising race. Soon we will be rolling out a location-based digital advertising network: ads and promotions targeted and delivered digitally to the mobile devices of our clients and customers. We are aiming to take NYC’s outdoor advertising industry up a few notches…

New York City is a tough market. There’s a lot of competition for ad space, for the attention of New Yorkers. The dense population means the cost of advertising grows each year. That’s why Skytouch NYC is 100% dedicated to supplying our clients with advertising space at reasonable prices. Your success is our success!

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